Is “I Hope So” a Generational Response?

I’m in the grocery check out lane and discover a common geography with the check out guy.
He’s young.
Really young.
He tells me his friend that lives on this same street just had a graduation party and she had a Hot Dog Bar at her party. He described all kinds of toppings, etc. and I thought “that’s so on trend”. I’ve seen fancy hot dogs featured in cooking magazines lately as the new “it” food for summer.

So I have to ask him – did she take photos of everyone with their hot dog toppings and post the pics on Facebook?
His response –
None of my friends on the other side of his age equator would have dreamed of responding that way.
Youth expects Facebook.
Even hopes for it.
I find that so interesting.
And if you need inspiration for hot dogs – here’s a great source
The picture of the one above that looks like tomato basil is from “tastespotting”.

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3 Responses to Is “I Hope So” a Generational Response?

  1. Great post Denise!! You’re right on. Watching my 20 year old sister-in-law post everything from the shoes she’s thinking of wearing to photos of my children… Everything is shared whether it’s FB, Twitter or Vine (this one is right up your alley)…

    Hotdogs tonite!

  2. Yes – hot dogs with guacamole topping – or perhaps the tomato – basil -mozzarella! It just made me smile when he said “I hope so”. I could immediately think of ten friends who would have a heart attack with that perspective.

  3. It’s not just that we didn’t grow up with Facebook, we also didn’t grow up with digital cameras so you only used film for truly important family occassions … but now I get to visit my granddaughter via Skype & that’s great.

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